Streamline business processes with enterprise content management automation

Leverage digital technologies in your business processes and keep in step with your industry’s big players. By digitally transforming your electronic document management (EDM) and enterprise content management (ECM), you win on all fronts.

They trust PIREL as a partner

Why digitally transform your business?

  • Increase productivity and better allocate resources by eliminating redundant manual tasks
  • Access information quickly and efficiently by grouping all your documents in one secure place
  • Be more agile in managing documents or content and bolster an image of efficiency
  • Ensure the security, integrity, and confidentiality of information with proven electronic document management solutions
  • See substantial savings by reducing operational and printing costs related to document management

Digital solutions tailor-made to your business needs

Automated accounts payable and accounts receivable

Our solution easily integrates with your accounting system to process and automate invoicing that requires multiple levels of approval.

Eliminate manual data entry and embrace intelligent data capture with artificial intelligence (AI) and optical character recognition (OCR)
Benefit from personalized alerts to prioritize discount invoicing
Process invoices faster by eliminating the shuffling of paper documents between different people and departments
Quickly access documents and document history via a customized and integrated web interface

Personalized documents and smart printing

Whether it’s a check, payroll or bank statement, certificate, or invoice, our solution lets you easily create personalized electronic forms according to your business policies and image. Your system’s raw data is used to generate a PDF or printed document.

Replace pre-printed forms with on-demand forms to curb obsolescence and minimize inventory management
Update forms with your corporate image and colours as needed
Reduce your environmental footprint by printing only when needed
Eliminate handling, physical archiving, shipping costs, and more by going digital

Save content securely with electronic vaulting

Our solution lets you securely store and consolidate content in a centralized, structured space with easy, round-the-clock access.

Find documents quickly thanks to an integrated web interface with powerful search functions
Access the most up-to-date versions of your content while maintaining change history
Allow users to access content quickly and securely according to customized access permissions
Manage the archiving lifecycle of your content with pre-established retention rules

Create custom distribution processes

Our solution integrates seamlessly with your existing technology, streamlining content distribution via email, print, or third-party applications.

Increase productivity and efficiency by reducing manual data entry and populating application fields automatically
Facilitate secure document sharing according to distribution rules adapted to your needs

Digital transformation experts for more than 25 years

PIREL has proven itself with many recognized companies throughout Canada and the US. Thanks to our bar-setting service and secure, fully customizable solutions, we help clients improve efficiency and achieve substantial savings.

As the designer of the Sisalto® software suite, PIREL can quickly develop and customize solutions without intermediaries.

At PIREL, security is paramount. Our document management solutions easily integrate with our clients’ existing architectures while respecting document integrity and data confidentiality.

Recognized for its exceptional service and experienced team, PIREL builds trusting relationships with customers. Our outstanding support gets businesses to take notice.

Claude Savard
Vice President Information Technology
Le Groupe Maurice

The success of a strategic project is always closely linked to the quality of the business partnership with the solution provider. PIREL is an exceptional business partner. The team at PIREL has always been very professional and attentive to our business needs. PIREL is also a partner that shares our human values. A good partner and a good business solution are the elements that make our project an unquestionable success, a project that has really changed the way we do business. This success continues over time thanks to the ever-growing collaboration of our partner PIREL. Thank you very much.

Eric Legault
Former Vice-president, Technology Infrastructure
Metro Richelieu inc.

The use of the Sisalto® solution is very simple and efficient. PIREL’s expertise, combined with the agility of its employees and their creativity, allowed us to implement scalable, cost-effective solutions that met our business needs.

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