Build your career at PIREL

Do you thrive on new challenges and a workplace that does things differently?

A campus for creativity

At PIREL, we know that people thrive when their environment inspires them. That’s why we’ve created a large, friendly campus with conditions that foster innovation. Our campus offers a unique atmosphere for work, meetings, and events.

Visit the campus

Table de billard

Want to unwind during your lunch hour?

Our campus is equipped with a pool table, a table tennis area,
chess tables, foosball tables, arcade games, and more.

hockey cosom

Healthy body, healthy mind.

Whether it’s to improve your putting, play pickleball, challenge your colleagues to a cosom hockey game,
or organize a badminton or volleyball tournament between departments,
our sports facilities promote regular physical activity at the workplace.

Esapce de repos

Need a mental break?

Our lounge area offers comfortable sofas to listen to your music,
read a good book, or chat with colleagues.

Sisalto's bistor-bar

Discover our bistro-bar Sisalto’s

Equipped with all the necessities of a fully stocked restaurant,
our bistro-bar Sisalto’s prepares team lunches on request,
meeting buffets, and even themed meals for social happenings.

The values that drive us every day

Our success depends not only on our robust solutions but also on our approach to work.

Continuously innovating

We believe that excellence and ongoing improvement are intimately linked. At PIREL, you’ll never find us slacking. We’re always showing ambition to move our customers forward.

Client satisfaction

At PIREL, our customers’ success is as important as our own. We pride ourselves on our problem-solving prowess— finding solutions specific to client needs and delivering exceptional results.

Work hard. Play hard.

We’re engaged in the workplace and at ease during downtime. The PIREL campus is where work and fun come together every day.

Focus on connections

We believe in team collaboration and fostering healthy relationships. At PIREL, we strive to create a family spirit.

Open Positions

Please note that these job descriptions are only available in French.

Join the PIREL family

We’re always looking for new talent to share our vision and our values. If you like what you see, send us your resume!

Even if the position you’re looking for isn’t yet open, all engaging profiles are considered

  • You embrace new challenges
  • You’re ready to contribute to the success of our digital transformation projects
  • You can’t wait to challenge your colleagues to a game of pool , pickleball, or chess
  • You want to be part of our growing family
  • You want to work close to home, on the South Shore of Montreal


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