As Sisalto® designers and developers, we create customized digital solutions for your business.

Sisalto® is a complete suite of electronic document management (EDM) and enterprise content management (ECM) tools. The solution uses optical character recognition (OCR) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to help you streamline the organization, management, and storage of your business documents. Our suite supports various file types, including reports, invoices, photos, videos, and audio files, among others.

Automation of accounts payable and accounts receivable

Our Sisalto® solution seamlessly integrates with your accounting system to automate the processing of invoices and simplify workflow, which may involve multi-level approval.

1- intelligence-artificielle

Replace manual data entry with artificial intelligence (AI) and optical character recognition (OCR) to streamline your workflow.

2- notification

Reduce expenses by receiving customized alerts to prioritize discounted invoices.

3- automation

Accelerate invoice processing by eliminating the need for exchanging paper documents among individuals.

4- Ecran et tablette

Efficiently access your documents and their history through a personalized, integrated web interface.

Custom document generation and intelligent printing

From checks and payroll statements to bank statements, certificates, and invoices, Sisalto® enables the creation of custom electronic forms that align with your business processes and corporate identity. Using raw data from your systems, the solution generates PDF or printed documents, ensuring seamless and efficient document production.

1- inventaire

Eliminate the need for pre-printed forms by switching to on-demand printing, which reduces the burden of stationery obsolescence and inventory management.

2- formulaire

Update your forms with your corporate image and colours as needed.

3- sauver-le-monde

Minimize your environmental impact by printing only when necessary.

4- reduction-des-couts

Lower costs associated with handling, physical storage, mailing, and other expenses by transitioning to a digital system.

Content storage in a secure electronic vault

Securely store your corporate content in a centralized, structured electronic vault with Sisalto®. Count on quick and easy access to your information while maintaining top-notch security.

1- Ecran et tablette

Quickly locate your documents through an integrated web interface, which boasts robust search capabilities.

2- mise-a-jour-du-systeme

Access the latest versions of your content while keeping a record of changes.

3- connexion

Enable secure and customized access rights for users to swiftly access content electronically.

4- Cycle de vie

Manage the lifecycle of your content archiving with the implementation of pre-defined retention rules.

Customized content distribution processes

Our solution seamlessly integrates with your existing technologies, facilitating content distribution via email, printing, or even third-party applications according to your needs.

1- productivite

Boost productivity and efficiency by eliminating manual data entry and automatically populating your applications with our solution.

2- distribution

Facilitate efficient and secure information sharing based on distribution rules tailored to your needs.

Streamlined online payment solutions

Our integrated online payment module—which can be added to your accounts receivable module—offers a fast, secure, and compatible way to collect payments from your customers electronically. Benefit from the convenience of efficient payment processing while ensuring the security of your transactions.

1- epayment3

Provide your customers with a fast and secure online payment tool, enhancing their experience and increasing your revenue stream.

2- reduce-cost

Improve cash flow by reducing the costs and time associated with managing cheque payments while shortening payment receipt time.

3- cyber-security (1)

Optimize risk management by employing corporate security best practices that protect you against fraud (SOC 2 and PCI Compliant).

4- report

Easily monitor your company’s finances by accessing detailed statistical and transactional reports in just a few clicks.

Our Sisalto® software suite complies with international banking security standards and is trusted by major financial institutions in America.

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